Sacred Grounds
Sacred Grounds is a collection of people and practices 
that emphasize compassion and servant leadership 
to serve the most vulnerable members of our community. 

Sacred Grounds Coffee Sanctuary Ltd. is a Non-profit Corp 
formed to provide the framework for "like Hearted" people 
to donate their time and resources.

Sacred Ground's dropin center operated out of Wesley UMC 
and New Beginnings from Nov 2015 until Dec 2019.
We were open about 300 days, served 700+ Gallons of milk,
900+ loaves of bread, and 600+ gallons of soup. We had an 
estimated 16,000 guest visits.

Sacred Grounds continues to serve in a variety of 
situations around the Coulee Region.

Links and Partners:
   Facebook page for Sacred Grounds  Get Involved, make a difference
   Amazon Smile (you shop, amazon gives)


The Corporation is Organized and is operated exclusively for 
charitable purpose within the meaning of I.R.C section 501(c)(3)